The most efficient way to collect payments from B2B clients

For hotels, cars rentals & other travel service providers

Streamline B2B collection by fully automating the settlement process, optimize bank fees choosing the right form of payment for every B2B client and eliminate payment processing errors causing chargebacks, breakage and other inefficiencies.

Expedite card settlement process

Freedom of choice

Optimize your costs by choosing the form of payment that best matches your needs with every B2B client. Credit cards are no longer the only option!

Automated card settlement PCI VCC Vault


Fully eliminate manual procedures in the collection process. Whether processing a credit card or an alternative form of payment, manual intervention is no longer required!

Eliminates risk of forced transactions, chargebacks and DCC fees

Error free

Automation virtually eliminates all sources of errors causing inefficiencies which impact your bottom line. Kiss chargebacks and breakage goodbye!

Converting your credit customers into pay at checkout customers


Bavel Collect features a state of the art security framework which takes you out of PCI scope and of any other present or future regulatory requirement.

Bavel Collect,
How it works

The travel company

100% digital invoice emission

  • Bavel customers
  • Other platforms
  • Email, FTP...

Payment Manager

All transactions Hub

  • Digital Archive
  • Fully integrated
  • PCI Compliance
  • All docs format...

Customer company

Acounts payable can integrate automated processes

  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Payment
  • Factoring...

Payment partner

All payment solutions

  • Money transfer
  • Virtual Credit Card
  • Forex exchange
  • Others...

Open the door to a universe of opportunities!

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Bavel Collect Partners

These are our main partners, thanks to them we can offer to our customers a unique solution that integrates diferent and valuables services such as Virtual Credit Card, Money Transfer, Forex Exchange, Tax management, etc.

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