baVel is the outcome of an historical process of adaptive evolution. 20 years ago we were the first online wine cellar (Catanet) and that provided us an in-depth knowledge of the relationships between the various players in the eProcurement sector. The ongoing dialog and the trust generated amongst the main operators allowed us to jointly develop best practices in the sector. Always focused on the B2B value chain, we adapt our technology to offer solutions that meet the actual needs of our clients.

Our start-up spirit, together with a young, innovative and highly skilled team, led us to become the leading supplier of eBilling and digitalisation in eProcurement for Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers.

We use our technology to help companies optimise their resources and avoid wasting time on non-value-added operations.
baVel gives you easy and direct access to all the relevant information regarding your processes, giving visibility of the entire eProcurement flow and bridging the gap between the user and the CFO.

With baVel you will benefit from the synergies and countless business opportunities offered by the biggest eProcurement network in the sector. Join us and participate in baVel’s steady growth into new markets.

Wiring the Travel Industry’s Billing & Payment ecosystems

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Streamlined electronic invoicing and hassle-free B2B payments.

The baVel platform is leading the way in electronic billing and payment solutions for the Travel Industry and currently is in use in over 100 countries. More than 50,000 hotels, car rental companies, DMCs, Bedbanks, Travel Operators and travel service providers are using baVel to automate their invoicing and payment procedures.

Whether you are pre-paying suppliers, paying them at check-out or on receipt of an invoice, baVel allows you to fully streamline your settlement procedures, eliminating all sources of error and providing end-to-end payment status and traceability through a full blown supplier portal

Electronic Billing

Receive 100% of your invoices electronically reduce dramatically the cost of processing invoices and let baVel do the cumbersome collection work for you. No need to remind suppliers of the format you require, no need to have different processes in place per region, country or supplier types, just receive your invoices automatically for instant reconciliation in your ERP.

Automatically set up error messages, rejection notices and remittance advice and keep your supplier base informed as to the status of their invoices. The baVel digital archive will allow you to eliminate paper and easily search for any invoice in the case of a dispute.


Tired of delayed payments and reduced cashflow because you can’t easily retrieve supplier invoices once a booking has already been paid? Tired of seeing your margin shrink due to invoice collection procedures ? Tired of getting incorrect invoices after much effort and having to go through the whole process again and again?

baVel can automate your Billback retrieval and save you a lot of time, pain and money in the process.

Leverage eBilling also in Accounts Receivable

In addition to streamlining the flow of invoices from suppliers into your Accounts Payable system, baVel can also help you seamlessly cater to your B2B customers’ electronic billing requirements.

Let baVel take care of your electronic invoicing procedures and benefit from faster collection cycles, while obtaining full traceability and status reports on all sent invoices.

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Partner Relationship Management tool

Manage your suppliers and the relationships from our state-of-the-art Partner Relationship Management Tool and invite new or existing suppliers to interact with you via baVel.

Supplier Management

On Boarding.
Self service information database.
Deduping & data integrity


Campaign management.
Online dispute resolution.
Dynamic mailing list messaging.


Feedback messages


Partner Status.
Alerts (bank info, enrolment, etc.)

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Supplier Portal

The entire baVel suite of products combine perfectly into a full-blown supplier portal featuring state of the art electronic billing, electronic payments and supplier on-boarding capabilities.

Some of our Customers

A handful of our more than 1000 customers. Thanks to their continued loyalty,
baVel is the nº 1 eBilling and ePayment platform dedicated to the Travel Industry.

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