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Welcome to the era of the Payment Manager

The B2B Payment Revolution is underway

Bavel Pay is the first B2B payment channel to implement the groundbreaking Open Payment Alliance standard. Bavel Pay supports dozens of VCC issuers and alternative forms of payment, currency management solutions, electronic invoicing, straight through processing and seamless end-to-end digital payment orchestration, providing hassle-free & cost-efficient B2B payments.

Introducing Payment Manager Architecture

Omnichannel connectivity

Seamless connection with all the players in the distribution channel.

Rules Engine

Automatic selection of optimal form of payments and payment service provider.

Seamless orchestration of complex B2B payment flow.

Virtual payment hub

Plug and play connectivity to dozens of VCC issuers and alternative forms of payment, offering credit and debit payment solutions.

Value-added services

FX – microhedging capabilities.

eBilling / Bill-back.

Invoice reconciliation.

Electronic settlement.


Secure payment distribution

PCI compliant payment distribution.

Omnichannel distribution: web, fax, email, GDS, channel managers…

Straight through processing (STP) of credit cards and alternative forms of payment.

Use cases


The Payment Manager downloads a TMC’s booking from a GDS which contains two services. (e.g air and accommodation)


The Rules Engine identifies the two services, connects to the Payment Hub and generates a payment for each service.


The Payment Manager injects the form of payment back into the GDS, which in turn sends it to the hotel along with the booking.


At check out, the Payment Manager receives an invoice from the hotel’s PMS and settles the VCC via STP, if enabled.


The Payment Manager sends the invoice to the TMC.


The Payment Manager receives a payment instruction from the Tour Operator booking engine.


The Rules Engine instructs the Virtual Payments hub to generate a VCC, which is temporarily disabled.


The Payment Manager sends the VCC to the hotel indicating that it will be enabled upon receipt of an invoice.


At check-out, the invoice for the service is generated.


When the Payment Manager receives the invoice, it reconciles it and, if successful, enables the VCC.


The Payment Manager sends the invoice and a daily reconciliation report to the Tour Operator, so it can automatically update its accounting system accordingly


The Payment Manager downloads a booking from an OTA’s booking engine.


The Rules Engine automatically decides the optimal form of payment, payment service provider and any applicable ebilling or hedging requirement. for that booking


The virtual Payments Hub generates the selected form of payment through the chosen payment service provider.


The payment is sent to the hotel through the channel of choice.


If required, at check-out the Payment Manager obtains an electronic invoice from the hotel’s PMS and automatically settles the payment.

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