Bavel: Invoice 360

Integral solution to digitise 100% of your received invoices

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Forget about processing your invoices!

Receive invoices from all your suppliers electronically in your ERP for direct accounting and reconciliation. Fast. No errors, no disputes.

All formats, all channels

Bavel can digitize all the invoices your company receives. No matter how, whether via postal mail, email, digital platform… No matter the format, whether paper, pdf, xml…

New funcionality:
PDF Billing

We integrate the pdfs in Bavel's invoice entry channel so that you can digitally manage all invoices received, regardless of their format, on a single platform.

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Full traceability

Invoices are never lost, they are stored in a digital repository. Full traceability throughout the process.


Elimination of manual intervention in administration.


Increased productivity. Reduction of errors and disputes. Optimization of resources, time and associated costs.

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